eAccounting with us is simple, clever and profitable

At NASTAX, document submission, filing and billing is done online and electronically.

As modern professionals who live in a fast-paced and technology oriented era, we have become autonomous and efficient.
Let us help your way through financial and accounting needs.

Who We Are


We are a professional and dynamic team who use and practice popular accounting software with extensive knowledge in accounting and business. As each business is unique, we are 100% committed to a personalized approach to assisting our customers.


At NASTAX we have established a new document submission system for your accounting needs. eAccounting is a paperless system that eliminates the paper trail by using the technology you have at hand.


Our services are designed to meet your various accounting needs as your business grows. Our goal is to help you in interpreting the language number in making every single decision.

Client Diversity

Our client base includes all kinds of business, from companies to small retail outlets. These companies utilize NASTAX Inc. service in several different ways, from acting as high qualified counselor to providing once-a-month management reports and minimizing their tax.

Business Diversity


Start eAccounting

Dealing with CRA
Defending your rights
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable



Corporate Tax Return (T2)
Individuals Tax Return(T1)



Maintain payroll
Related functions
Costing system
Monitor manufacturing activities.



Financial statements
Management reports

Client Stories

Wilma Pretorius

“Nahid and her partner Reza at NASTAX are a great team and work tirelessly to support small businesses in all stages of accounting, right from start up through rapid growth. Nahid is trustworty, patient, honest and is always ready to provide the needed information to support business decisions. She is also open to taking on new tasks, which in many cases landed up saving us time and money had we outsourced it. If my company is any measure, she sincerely cares about her clients and doing the best that she can for them.”

Joanne Renwick

“Nahid- Knowledgeable, intelligent and very detail oriented. These are some of the valuable attributes of Nahid that helped me two years ago through what otherwise may have been a very difficult audit. She did her work in such an effortless manner while I was pressing the panic button. My capital gains tax was greatly reduced last year because of her vast experience and ability to interpret accounting legalese. I still remain increduous at how Nahid was able to keep so much of my capital gains in my pocket. What makes Nahid so very special is the immense personal interest that she has for all of her clients, many of whom I have met. We all feel part of her extended family.”

Mila Djuras

“Nastax has been an invaluable asset to our business over the years. Our business experienced considerable growth over the past three years, and Nastax was able to help guide and support us through these changes. They provide us with a complexity of services: financial accounting services, payroll, invoices, financial statements, government reports, and revenue.

Through the personal touch of their service and their sound business advice, we have improved our business in every aspect. Nastax is incredibly thorough, conscientious, and reliable in their work. They provide us with a solid groundwork that has helped our company succeed. They are a companion and an asset to any company.”

Ryan Donohoe

“My name is Ryan from Nor-Wes Landscape and Design Ltd. When I was first introduced to Nahid and Reza through my friend Joe Heilman of Heilman Construction, I was in the very beginning phases of building a small company. At the time, I was starting to take on projects that were sizable enough to require regular accounting and bookkeeping. This was an area of my company that was not one of my strongest points. Nahid and her partner Reza were very skilled in setting up my payroll for employees and myself, bookkeeping, WCB and CRA payments for income tax, annual statements, completing and filing my personal income tax, and completing my companies fiscal year end.

I receive updates as to how my company is doing through balance sheets, profit and loss sheets, and trial balance sheets on most of my weekly visits to their office. Nahid and Reza have worked with me to make strategic moves for my personal and business accounting that I have benefited greatly from in the past and I’m sure I will benefit from in the future.

Last but not least, and most importantly, I would like to say that they are a team that cares deeply for their clients on a financial and on a personal level. Their caring interest in the growth of my company, as well as in me, takes their service way beyond the call of duty. I’m sure everyone that works with them would agree with me that they are gracious, warm, inviting, understanding, tactful, and of course, very skilled and professional at what they do.

I would never hesitate to recommend Nastax Accounting.”

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